Rakesh Yadav SSC Advance Maths (Hindi)

By Rakesh Yadav . Hindi

Country of Origin: India

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SSC Advance Maths (एडवांस गणित) by Rakesh Yadav (राकेश यादव)

Rakesh Yadav Advance Maths Book is a complete book for General Competition Examinations. The book contains detailed solutions for each and every question. Apart from it, the book also contains special tricks and techniques for solving advance mathematical equations. There is a scratch card inside the book by which one can access the detailed video solutions and lessons by Rakesh Yadav Sir.

Benefits of Buying SSC Advance Maths (एडवांस गणित) Book by Rakesh Yadav(राकेश यादव)

This book is designed and developed by keeping SSC Competitive Examinations in mind. It contains the special tricks, techniques and methods to solve a mathematical question in the fastest manner. It contains all the topics of Advance Maths like Number Systems, Height & Distance, Mensuration, SImplification, Geometry,  Trigonometry, Algebra & Co-Ordinate Geometry.


About Rakesh Yadav


Rakesh Yadav is a very qualified teacher and has also cracked many examinations. He himself doesn’t require any kind of introduction as his name is quite popular among the Government Job Aspirants. He also took classes in both Online as well as in Offline Manner.

SSC Advance Maths (एडवांस गणित) Book Used For:

This book is used for:


SSC Graduate Level Tier-2








Entrance Examinations 


Defence & State Police


All other Competitive Examinations

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A detailed quick review video of the book is attached, you can also check out the video to know more about the above-listed book.


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Rakesh Yadav SSC Advance Maths (Hindi)

Format: Paperback | 770 pages
Dimensions 22 x 20 x 6mm | 500g
Publication date: 2019-07-16
Publisher: Rakesh Yadav Readers Publication
Country of Origin: India
Language: Hindi
Condition: New
Edition: Latest Edition, 2020

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